About Us

Medipol Pharmaceuticals India Private Limited is a force to reckon with at global pharma horizon, offering a wide range of ethical and generic formulations to meet the requirement of ailing humanity. At Medipol our aim is to help people lead healthier lives by delivering affordable and accessible medication to all part of the world and discovering, developing and commercializing innovative medicines that satisfy unmet medical needs.


Vision of Medipol Pharmaceutical India Pvt. Ltd. is to acquire undisputed leadership in the field of Pharma sector. The value and assets that we have maintained till now have driven our success story graph. In additional to the implementation of moral business ethics what we have put one step forward is the modernize way to present our branding and social values. At Medipol, colleagues of all backgrounds and abilities will find leaders who inspire them to top performance; managers trained to develop and nurture diverse talent; and a culture committed to helping each colleague build a fulfilling career and reach his or her full potential. Ask a Medipol colleague about Diversity and Inclusion at Medipol, and you will hear a variety of responses:

  • It’s about inclusion and welcome.
  • It’s about good business sense.
  • It’s about understanding our customers.
  • It’s about attracting, developing and retaining the best talent.
  • It’s about creating a culture that allows all colleagues to contribute their best work.
  • It’s about having many different viewpoints so we can innovate, innovate, innovate!
  • It’s about leading our industry and earning respect as a company.

Our Values

Our values help define who we are and the kind of company we aim to be. We have an unwavering commitment to the highest ethical standards placing the safety and care of patients at the center of our core values and everything we do.!


The plant is spreaded over a 18000 Sq. Yds. of land in a lush green pollution free environment. The new location is the most envied pharmaceutical installation in the Asian Sub Continent.


The more minds that contribute, the better the results. We work together across the hall and across the globe, collaborating actively to solve tough challenges and advance our collective goals.

Leadership is a state of action, empowering decision-makers at every level. Moving forward with purpose, to create value today and build a legacy for tomorrow.

We build lasting, collaborative relationships with our customers. It starts with a deep understanding of the challenges they face. Working as their thought partner, we help them turn their vision into reality.

At the heart of our work is doing what’s right – for patients, customers and employees. We act with an unwavering commitment to ethics, honesty and accountability.

We’re passionate about what we do and we want our name to stand for excellence. We are determined to be the example that the industry aspires to follow.